Existing Peers FAQ

Utilization on our existing peering circuit has been creeping up. Today it is at 70%. Who should I contact?
Please contact the ATDN NOC via email or phone.
Phone: (703) 265-4662 Option 4

I plan to do maintenance. This may impact traffic exchange on our existing peering. Who should I notify?
Please send advance notice to Your email should state the date, time and location of the maintenance along with any known impact to the network.

Who is the point of escalation for ATDN?
Please contact the ATDN NOC. The NOC will escalate to the on-call Engineer. The on-call schedule is rotated, so it is not possible to give the name of any one individual.

I would like to peer in additional locations. Does ATDN have presence in any Equinix IBX locations?
ATDN has POPs in the Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose and Los Angeles Equinix IBX locations.

I would like to upgrade our existing peering circuit. Can I call the ATDN Provisioner/Engineer who implemented the peering last time?
No! ATDN Provisioning does not make peering decisions. Please send your request to:

How do I report abuse/spam or network security incidents?
Please send email to For any network security/intrusion incident, please contact the ATDN NOC (

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