What is Paid-Peering?

Paid-Peering is not Transit.

With Paid-Peering, both ATDN and the Paid-Peer exchange routes across the Paid-Peering connection(s) using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP-4). ATDN and the Paid-Peer only announce customer routes to each other. Other technical details:

  • Interconnection speed depends on the traffic volume and geographic diversity of the interconnections.
  • Routing is hot-potato i.e. no MED announcements will be honored.
  • No route of last resort or default route should be pointed at ATDN. Similarly, ATDN will never point such a route at the Paid-Peer's network.
  • All routes advertised to ATDN should be registered in a recognized Internet Routing Registry (IRR) such as RADB or RIPE. Similarly, all routes advertised from ATDN will be registered. The ATDN Route-Set is AOLTW:RS-AOL. AS-Set is AOLTW:AS-AOL.

Why should I sign up for Paid-Peering?

With Paid-Peering you get the following benefits:

  • Direct access to all AOL content + access to millions of eyeballs.
  • No circuit costs if you choose any carrier neutral ATDN POP location.
  • No traffic volume and restrictive ratio requirements.
  • Competitive price with 95th percentile billing.
  • Dedicated POC for provisioning and BGP turn-up.
  • Pro-active monitoring by the ATDN NOC (365 x 24 x 7)

How do I sign up?

Please send an email to with your phone contact information. If you have additional questions about the Paid-Peering offering, please use this email address.

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