Peering is the exchange of IP traffic between two directly interconnected IP networks. This exchange is strictly limited to traffic destined for the other network and its customers. In terms of route advertisement, only customer routing entries are exchanged. The route advertisement and traffic flows move in opposite directions.

Settlement-Free Interconnection

ATDN has a well defined process to apply for Settlement-Free Interconnection (SFI). Interested parties should review the requirements for SFI. This policy details the technical, operational and infrastructure requirements to qualify for SFI with AS 1668.

Applicants who meet the requirements stated in the AOL SFI policy, are requested to fill out the preliminary online ATDN SFI application.


If your network does not meet the ATDN requirements for Settlement-Free Interconnection, another option is available: Paid-Peering. This option allows quick and easy interconnection with ATDN, regardless of network footprint, traffic volume or ratio.

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